Forms sent to EC Suite must be signed to be valid.
Fax forms to 480.449.8801, or scan the signed form and email it to

Changes to your EC Suite account can only be made by the person that is currently listed on the contract.

If you have any questions you can reach a Contract Administrator by calling (toll free) 855.330.1506 or emailing

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Used to advise EC Suite of changes to the name of the person, or the physical address to send weekly disbursements.

Used if your EC Suite account changes ownership.

ONLY Used by a EC Suite Client who is selling a sub-account to another EC Suite Client as a new sub-account.

Used to change the name of a company currently serviced by EC Suite.

Used to change the domain name for an existing EC Suite client’s company.

Used to split payout percentage of an account into other accounts such as Webmaster to Webmaster, Referrer to Webmaster or Sub-account to Main. However, Webmaster accounts cannot be split into referrer accounts.

Used to request a wire transfer of your payout check to your bank account. Costs for wire transfers are $15.00 U.S. for domestic and $30.00 U.S. for international. By default, a check must reach $100.00 U.S. before it is wired. Wire transfers, like checks, are sent out every Monday.

This allows the client to authorize an individual to make changes to the account. The form requires both the authorized signature and account holder signature.

Used to cancel an account or subaccount. If no subaccount is specified, the entire account will be cancelled. If a subaccount is specified, only that subaccount will be cancelled.

Documents the current Acceptable Use Polices.

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