Join EC Suite’s agent ISO program today and reach your independent sales goals with lifetime residual income!

Are you looking for a new to merchant services provider to collaborate with? As an industry leader in developing and delivering innovative payment processing solutions and merchant account services, EC Suite focuses on building one-to-one relationships with our Agent ISO Program. This enables you to grow your business with a trusted partner, while earning more residuals with our transparent and honest lifetime residual revenue program.

EC Suite AgentISO Program Features

EC Suite is dedicated to provide your business with payment solutions designed to fit your business model and budget. EC Suite has been servicing merchants and resellers since 2002, working to provide easy, quick, and secure payment processing solutions. EC Suite’s innovative solutions assist with PCI and EMV compliance; we support multiple gateway services, easy access to online statements, and offer a wide variety of POS hardware.


We allow you to compete in a competitive market with a transparent and cost-effective structure. Our Agent ISO program is designed with pricing flexibility that enables our agents to achieve a high degree of profitability while still providing merchants with cost effective solutions.


Enjoy our expert boarding process, we do everything with dedicated teams trained to support your business needs. As a registered ISO, you’ll also have access to payment industry leading products and services to support both you and your merchants. We’re committed to providing all our agents with the best training, support, and value-added tools to help you board merchants.


Gain a peace of mind knowing that you will always be paid on your accounts with lifetime residuals. EC Suite assumes all the risk on residual income, and we provide transparent residual reports highlighting income and expenses to ensure you earn every penny.


Maximize your revenue with 100% lifetime vested residuals on a true interchange pass through pricing plan. Our agent program offers a true revenue share plan that maximizes your profitability, and allows you to compete in an aggressive market.


Enjoy the flexibility to diversify and grow your portfolio. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure we can support your merchant’s payment processing needs, but we understand that our sales agents need some flexibility when it comes to placing and boarding certain merchants.


Increase your revenue by selling to a larger audience, making you more competitive and increasing your profit margins. To increase your revenue, look to higher risk merchants and online retailers High risk merchants quite often have difficulties obtaining a merchant account, which allows our agents to place their business with EC Suite at higher costs.


As an EC Suite sales agent, you will have access to our POS system integration partners, Vend and Revel. Our partner POS solutions are designed to meet any merchant needs and are hardware agnostic, which makes them compatible with iPad, Mac, and PC.