At EC Suite, we understand that your business is unique, with payment processing needs specific to your customer base and business goals. We offer an array of credit card merchant services designed to help you save money, streamline the payment process, and secure customer payments. Choose from credit card merchant processing services catered to specific merchant types, including enterprise, B2B, retail stores and restaurants Customize your payment solution to include online capabilities, mobile processing, virtual terminals and more.

Credit & Debit Cards

Paying with a credit card has many benefits including convenience, easy finance tracking, and security benefits. When merchants use EC Suite they can accept all major credit card brands on their website, mobile device, or retail store.

Electronic Check/ACH

For merchants, eChecks that are processed as ACH electronic payments have considerable benefits. Online shoppers seek out websites that offer their preferred payment options. Limited payment options are a major cause of cart abandonment during checkout.
Faster Funding: eChecks are processed much faster than conventional checks and can simplify accounting and reconciliation processes.
Lower Processing Costs: Processing fees for eChecks are significantly lower than card-not-present (CNP) interchange fees. Compared to credit card transactions, electronic checks can provide dramatic savings in processing fees.
Minimal Risk: When a customer enters checking account information, it is screened against a database of bad checks and other risk assessment parameters. The transaction is approved or denied almost instantly.
Easy Implementation: Merchants can add eChecks as a payment option directly into their existing gateway account and begin processing within days.


If retail is your world, your world changes fast. For retail merchants, commerce used to be brick-and-mortar; you see it and you buy it. But now we live in an ever-changing world of e-commerce. Browsing and buying can happen anywhere your customers are located. With any device, and just about any way they prefer to pay, simply keeping up with them isn’t enough. You need to get out ahead of them, both on mobile and on the web.

You need to complete secure digital payments of virtually any size at any time, and you need the global e-commerce solutions offered by EC Suite merchant services. We understand your business needs, and can help you better adapt and enhance your customer’s web and mobile experiences with our innovative suite of e-commerce products and solutions, including global payment gateways. Helping you support any combination of devices, operating systems, and payment channels. With an easy and flexible integration, real-time security, and fraud protection using the latest tokenization technology on fraud detection tools to help safeguard payments data with every transaction. And loyalty solutions creating and supporting a consistent and seamless customer experience across all channels before during and after the transaction. With enhanced search offers and payment infrastructure EC Suite merchant services is one of the world’s leading retail and e-commerce solution providers offering a consultative and customized approach to solving the unique challenges of large and mid-sized retailers, and even those of your neighborhood coffee shop. your retail world is changing and you need to change along with it by simplifying your business and driving a seamless customer experience across all channels. you need the e-commerce technologies and solutions that EC Suite can offer.

Brick & Mortar

Do you have a brick and mortar business? That’s an operation where your customers come to you, and physically purchase products, or pay for services right there. If so, your best choice is a point-of-sale terminal, where customers can swipe their cards and pay on the spot. You can choose wired models that stay on the counter, an excellent choice for traditional retail stores. Or you may prefer a wireless model that lets you swipe the customers card away from your counter; a good choice for restaurants or stores where lines tend to build quickly. Both options offer different sizes, and some come complete with a receipt printer.


For on-the-go merchants, your customers don’t come to you, you go to them. Your point of sale is an ever-moving destination. That’s why EC Suite offers a range of affordable mobile point-of-sale solutions. All of which make taking payments on the road fast and secure. With EC Suite’s mobile payment solutions, you just download an application to your smartphone, plug the device into the phone’s audio jack, and you’re ready to begin securely swiping credit cards. Your customer’s card numbers are encrypted the instant you swipe the card, so nothing stored on your phone. Your customers can provide you with electronic signatures, and you can provide them with instant receipts by email. If your customers pay using a debit card, gift card, or by writing you a personal check, EC Suite offers wireless terminals with built-in printer is for you. It uses 3g technologies to connect wirelessly over mobile networks. If you travel outside the network’s coverage area you’ll still get lower card-not-present rates because the device stores the information until you’re back in range. So if your business takes you from place to place, contact EC Suite Sales to find out more about our affordable, fast, and secure mobile point-of-sale options.

Direct Marketing

What if you do business with customers by mail or phone? Then you’ll want to use a virtual terminal. This is a computer based application that lets you process a customer’s purchase by entering their card number yourself and sending it to your processor. You can also keep track of purchases and customize reports about your card business. Virtual terminals work through the internet, and can generally be accessed through any web-connected device.