Secure Payment Processing: Protecting Your Business from Credit Card Fraud

Security is the foundation of all electronic transaction processing. At EC Suite, we are proud to share our decades of risk management experience and fraud reduction strategies, so we’re committed to keeping you and your customers safe from the very real threats of credit card fraud and identity theft.

Credit card fraud continues to be a major threat to all businesses, a threat that has potential to devastate your business operations. Of major concern are CNP (card-not-present) transactions, such as those handled by online and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) merchants. Fortunately, there are simple, established steps you can take to lessen the likelihood that your business becomes the victim of online fraudsters and thieves.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

iSpyFraud’s software allows a merchant to anticipate and defend against fraudulent activity. Merchants can configure extensive filters to detect suspicious transactions before they’re approved, and additionally, are provided with enhanced reporting capabilities that give them access to all the information they need to root out fraudsters for good.

How does iSpyFraud Work?

With iSpyFraud, merchants will have the ability to:

  • Set rule-based parameters for transactions, defining such things as transaction volume per user, maximum amount charged in one transaction, and more
  • Quickly and easily review transactions in any state, whether approved or not
  • Access accurate and consolidated reports detailing the ins and outs of each transaction

Who Needs iSpyFraud?

Although most businesses could benefit from advanced security when accepting payments, some merchants are particularly prone to fraud:

  • Merchants in what would be considered a high-risk business, including but not limited to electronics, subscription-based sales, weapons, fantasy sports, online gambling, and financial consulting
  • Merchants who process a high volume of transactions, particularly card-not-present
  • Merchants with international clientele

Chargeback Management

Have your merchant accounts become unstable, or are your chargebacks getting out of control? Is chargeback abuse causing you to lose more and more money?
A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a charge, or when the merchant did not follow proper card acceptance/authorization procedures. When you receive a chargeback, the disputed amount is automatically debited from your deposit account. The card brands have programs in place to monitor excessive chargebacks, and with the help of your chargeback specialist, chargebacks can be minimized by obtaining proper authorization and adhering to best practices.

EC Suite has a team of chargeback management experts with over 15 years of chargeback management knowledge and expertise. Our proven chargeback management platform and prevention technology uses over 100 plus checks for risk assessment and fraud pattern detection.

Benefits of using EC Suite Chargeback Management Services Include:

  • A personal agent will review your chargeback patterns and analyze reason codes to help reduce overall chargebacks (Good for high-risk merchants).
  • You have the option to contact an EC Suite chargeback specialist to initiate a dispute, or you can process the dispute directly with our chargeback management portal.
  • Each chargeback document is sent to you directly with details of the dispute filed.
  • Your chargeback percentages have the ability to drop significantly as a result of the use of our services, which in return will give you a bigger bottom line.
  • You will obtain a better understanding as to how the chargeback procedure works, which will assist in the prevention of future chargebacks.

Recognizing that every merchant is different, we work with you to take back control of your charge backs.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Have you been turned down for a merchant account because the bank claims your business is too high risk? Have you been unable to get an account without restrictive trading conditions due to bad credit? Or have changes in your business caused a bank to close your existing merchant account? EC Suite offers custom payment processing solutions for businesses like yours every day. EC Suite has been facilitating high-risk merchant accounts for over 15 years. We make it possible for both high-risk and low-risk merchants from diverse markets to get their payment processing up and running fast. As your e-commerce business consultant EC Suite provides you with a merchant account that best fits your payment needs. Once you’re approved, you’ll be connected EC Suite’s gateway for real-time payment processing. Our gateway is integrated with NMI, with over 40 shopping carts available, including authorize net, making EC Suite merchant friendly, even for merchants with pre-existing shopping carts or limited technology budgets. For mail order, telephone order merchants EC Suite makes it easy to enter customer’s credit card information through a virtual terminal on our secure payment gateway. EC Suite’s fraud prevention and chargeback management services will help your business retain more money by providing custom solutions to help prevent chargebacks before they happen.