We want to help your business meet modern expectations, achieve efficiency, and adapt to new technology. Working with EC Suite merchant services gives you the support of a global payments company. One with nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of merchants. Plus you’ll receive recommendations on platforms and solutions that meet your needs. With so much happening in the payments industry, and new compliance requirements emerging constantly, our payment specialists are ready to provide strategic guidance to help you improve efficiency and effectiveness. We use a consultative approach to learn your specific needs.

Point of Sale Integrations

All small business owners have limited time and limited resources. Investing in technology such as a point of sale system can help you improve your marketing, help you reach your customers, and help you manage your inventory. There are numerous ways our point of sale software solutions can help transform your business. Our point of sale solution is fast, friendly, and works on iPad, Mac, or PC. You can offer your customers mobile check out, digital receipts, and every imaginable way to pay. Sell online with Vend ecommerce, or connect to other leading platforms. You can also manage inventory and orders painlessly however you collect or fulfill them. With robust inventory control management, it’s easy to add products one at a time, or by the thousand. Our point of sale solution makes sure you always have the right things to sell, in the right places, at the right time. You can also create memorable customer experiences by signing customers up to your loyalty program, and then keep them coming back with targeted promotions. Our reporting solutions shows what actually makes you money and what does not, whether you’re opening your first store or twenty first. Real-time insights help you make smarter and profitable decisions, which is how vend will help you grow add new sales channels. Our point of sale solution allow you to connect to other apps or build custom integrations to manage your whole business in the cloud. With our solution, start focusing on the things that make you money.

PCI Compliance

What is PCI DSS? I know I’ve been told I have to be compliant, but what is it, and where did it come from? PCI stands for the payment card industry. The payment card industry involves everyone, from you when you accept a payment, from a consumer, right on through your credit card processor, and on to the card issuing bank. DSS stands for data security standards. These data security standards were created and put in place to make that entire system more secure. These standards came from the fact that identity theft and credit-card fraud were becoming the two fastest growing problems in the payment industry today. Major payment card networks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB got together and created an independent counsel, the PCI DSS Counsel. This council’s job is to analyze the entire system, all the way from how credit cards are collected in your business, to how its processed and how its funded. Then they identify weak spots within that system, and create security standards that are to be adhered to in order to mitigate those weaknesses. PCI DSS guidelines affect everybody involved in the process, not only you as a business owner, but also your credit card processor, and card issuing banks. They all have standards that they have to adhere to, and register their compliance with so that we can make a more secure system for our consumers.

Next Day Funding

Cash flow is an extremely critical issue for many businesses, and waiting the standard 2 business days can make it difficult to manage operations. Cash is generally depended upon for payroll, inventory, and other short-term expenses. Merchants who have heavier sales volumes on weekends, such as hotels and restaurants, truly value faster funding options with their merchant account. EC Suite offers true next day funding for any qualified merchant, which deposits funds batched today into your bank account tomorrow. Find out how EC Suite can get your funds deposited faster.

Integration Tools

Our api’s and developer tools let you use our payment services the way you need to. If you’re looking to integrate payments to your website or app, our payment gateways allow you to process transactions, settle batches, and add credit cards to the vault to reduce your PCI footprint. Our APIs also go beyond payments; you can manipulate a wide range of data objects including your product catalog, customers, orders, and transactions. There are a high number of API actions that allow your customers to remain on your website for a seamless payment experience. With our payment solutions, you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance and security for a quick and easy deployment. Our hosted payment pages let you create Pay Now buttons anywhere you need, using a third-party shopping cart like Magento or WooCommerce. Our merchant services are also integrated with hosted shopping carts, downloadable stores, and order management software.

Advanced Billing Tools – Recurring Billing

Support setting your customers up for recurring, either installment or subscription payments. Create recurring payments by using a plan or a one-time off-plan detailing how much to bill a customer through the Recurring Billing API. Then apply a plan to a customer stored in the Customer Vault to create a subscription. Customers can be stored directly in the Customer Vault via API or as part of a one-time payment transaction. On billing dates, we will automatically charge your customers and let you know the results of the transactions.
Plans work well when you sell the same or a few items at the same price to your customers. For example, take a fitness gym that sells two monthly memberships: a basic membership and a premium membership. In this scenario, the fitness gym will create two plans and subscribe customers to the plans. Plans support one-time fees, trial periods and prorated billing.
Alternatively, when you charge each of your customers a unique amount at differing frequencies, use a one-time off-plan to create a unique subscription for each of your customers. For example, a department store’s layaway installment plan. Each customer will buy a unique basket of goods, and you’ll need a unique subscription for each customer.

Electronic Invoicing

EC Suite’s Invoicing provides a quick and easy way to create and send invoices to your customers. You can customize the appearance of your invoice by adding your own logo. Your customers will receive an invoice via e-mail that includes a pay now button. When your customer clicks on the pay now button, they will be redirected to a secure hosted checkout page to complete their invoice payment.
Invoicing is integrated with our Customer Vault API. Customer information stored in the Customer Vault will be used for completing the recipient, or “Send to” portion of the invoice. All invoices will link to a Customer Vault record so you can quickly determine your customer’s balances.
Our Invoicing API allows for the automation of creating and sending invoices and updating outstanding invoices.


Securely store customer-billing details using our Customer Vault. You can create a customer record via the Payment Gateway, Embedded Fields, and also directly with the Customer Vault. Once you have created a customer record, store the customer ID on your system and reference it for any future on-demand or scheduled transactions. The Customer Vault API is paired with the Recurring Billing API. The Customer Vault reduces the amount of associated payment data that touches your servers and enables subsequent payment billing information to be fulfilled by the gateway.